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The natural alfalfa in
Alfalfa's Scratch

Contains More Fiber Than Conventional Feeds

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Alfalfa's Scratch

Feeding your chickens anything else is pointless

What makes Alfalfa’s Scratch™ a superior feed?

Alfalfa’s Scratch is an all-natural, non-GMO feed designed to be fed to chickens. Alfalfa’s Scratch is made of a number of different cereal grains like oats, wheat, barley, milo, corn, sunflower seeds to name a few. The main ingredient in this chicken feed is high quality alfalfa. Alfalfa was part of your grandfather’s chicken feed mix because he knew that it resulted in healthier chickens and higher quality, better tasting eggs. The protein in alfalfa contains a full complement of amino acids – the body’s building blocks. Other proteins derived from cereal grains and soybeans are lacking in a number of these amino acids and need to be commercially supplemented. The fiber in the alfalfa portion is real fiber, and it’s needed to help the other feed to efficiently move down the digestive tract of the chicken. The alfalfa in Alfalfa’s Scratch has been shown to develop better muscles and a better, darker egg yolk. Care is taken to use non-GMO cereal grains as well as to use alfalfa that is grown from non-GMO alfalfa. Alfalfa’s Scratch can be fed free choice to all chickens.

A well-fed, healthy chicken is a beautiful chicken!


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